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Black In Jewelry Coalition Presents, Exploring the Intersection of Jewelry and Watches at Sotheby's Auction House (Recap Report)

In an elegant fusion of horology and haute joaillerie, the Black in Jewelry Coalition, in conjunction with the CP Time D.C. Watch Club, took center stage at Sotheby's on Friday, April 19th. Their joint endeavor, titled "Exploring the Intersection of Jewelry and Watches," unfolded as a captivating panel discussion.

Under the moderation of WCP Founder, Perri Dash, an esteemed lineup of panelists graced the stage. Among them were the distinguished watch collector Dr. Al Coombs, the renowned celebrity watch consultant Alex Todd, the illustrious jewelry editor and writer Tanya Dukes, and the Vice Chairman of Sotheby's Jewelry, Frank Everett.

The audience, a mosaic of luminaries from across the luxury spectrum, from seasoned professionals to eager students and aspiring designers, were treated to an engaging discourse. The panelists delved deep into the interplay between jewelry and watches, unraveling the intricate parallels and subtle distinctions that weave through both realms.

At its core, the Black in Jewelry Coalition stands as a beacon of change in an industry ripe for diversity. With a mission to forge pathways for Black professionals to ascend to senior leadership positions, the coalition also champions initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and bolster access to capital funding. Their vision extends beyond mere representation, aiming to cultivate enduring relationships across the industry's ecosystem, from distributors to miners and gem dealers alike.

In the gilded halls of Sotheby's, as timepieces whispered tales of precision and jewels sparkled with untold stories, the convergence of artistry and advocacy illuminated the evening—a testament to the transformative power of dialogue and community in the pursuit of a more inclusive future.

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