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People On Time: A Photo Journal Of People & Their Watches - Entry One

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"You can have one watch, ten watches, a hundred watches, but if you don't understand the differences between each watch, you don't need ten, you need one."

This was the challenge posed to a young Thierry Serna by his father as Thierry began his watch collecting journey. After watching Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind when he was six-years-old, Thierry developed a passion for all things aviation and took a particular interest in pilot's watches.

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The first in his collection, a Longines Weems, was followed by a combination of American and English pilot's watches from World War II.

As an antiquities dealer, Thierry's father knew the importance of details and encouraged his son to understand the rationale and historical significance of the nuances in each piece.

With this foundational curiosity, Thierry has worked with brands, embassies, and military offices for more than thirty years to understand the heritage and evolution of his favorite brands and pieces.

Joshua Mathew people on time

Contributor: Joshua Mathew, of @PeopleOnTime

After being mesmerized by the wave dial on his father’s Omega Seamaster 2254.50, Josh was instantly drawn to all things horology. Over the last few years, he has embarked on his own collecting journey and enjoys talking watches with anyone and everyone who also enjoys the craft. Josh is a practicing corporate lawyer in New York during the day (and most nights) but enjoys trying new restaurants and bars around the city when he’s not working or talking watches.

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